Beaudin Construction is proud to promote sustainable and advanced technological building methods. We are concerned with our impact on the world and the experiences you have with your building long after we are gone. As such, we prefer natural products and finishes.  Our buildings often include the latest in smart technologies such as automated controls, high efficiency heating and ventilation systems, alternative energies and advanced building methods.


Our approach to project design and construction involves forethought, detailed planning and flawless execution.  We consider the overall functional use and management of buildings; durability of materials; energy efficiency of the structure, operation and maintenance implications; ease of monitoring systems; environmental impacts, financial impacts and aesthetic impacts amount other socially responsible metrics.  While there is no exact recipe, we look to balance our client’s desired outcome with as many of the sustainable inclusions as makes sense for any given project.

Building Technologies

Beaudin Construction is on the leading edge of construction innovation, bringing new building opportunities to our clients.  We have completed ‘green’ projects and ‘smart’ buildings using some of the latest technology available.  We are currently enhancing our modular and panelized methods to save up front time and long term energy costs. Examples of the building technologies we embrace include: Radiant Heating & Cooling, Geothermal, Solar, Building ManagementSystems, Automated Controls, Clean Room Technologies, Enhanced BuildingEnvelopes, Sensors, Enhanced Insulation and Air Sealing, etc.
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