Beaudin Construction has over five decades of combined experience in property damage restoration and renovations, overseeing over1,500 unique first party property damage insurance claims.  Some of our clients plan ahead for renovations, while others experience sudden unexpected losses due to perils such as fire, wind, water, mold or construction defect. We focus primarily on commercial and multifamily restorations; however, we also take on some higher end homes.  

Property Damage Restoration

Our extensive experience working with local attorneys, Home Owner’s Associations, and nearly every insurance company nationwide, blends impeccably with our Expert WitnessServices.  Beaudin Construction is not affiliated with any insurance company ‘Preferred Vendor Programs’, meaning our interests are aligned with yours. Beaudin Construction is your unrivaled Consultant/Constructor solution for damaged structures.


Beaudin Construction performs a variety of building improvements and renovations.  Some projects require complete demolition of an entire building while others involve gutting an existing structure down to the bare bones for a clean slate rebuild. Yet other more simplified projects may only involve the buildout of an interior tenant space (TI).  Whatever your project, we’re excited to take a look and see what we can do to help move you forward.
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